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Singing with us

Are you a singer who is excited by a very wide repertoire, who enjoys going beyond the notes, and who loves historically informed performances? Then you might find your singing 'home' in Kingfisher Chorale.


Our small numbers, highly nuanced performances and attention to detail, make us very different from most choirs.  In Kingfishers, you'll have the opportunity to stretch abilities, and create something beyond the ordinary. 

If this sounds just what you've been waiting for - if you've been bored or uninspired in your previous choirs -  then please get in touch on the form below.


Young Singers

We are always delighted to welcome young singers into our choir.

Singers under the age of 26 have the benefit that their subscription is waived, making it easier for them to join us.


We rehearse in the village of Cosby, Leicestershire on Sunday evening, approximately every fortnight. 

We find this rehearsal time has the big advantage that it allows singers who are also in other choirs, or who work long hours during the week, to sing with us.


Thank you for getting in touch!

Becoming a member

As a potential singer, you will be invited to join us for three rehearsals, after which you'll be invited to audition - not as stressful as it sounds!

You'll find us a friendly group of dedicated singers, who'll make you feel welcome.  

If you'd like to see if Kingfisher Chorale can be your singing home, just fill in the enquiry form, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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